Book Trailer for Palaces & Calluses



The Book Trailer for my First Novel - ALMOST

Palaces and Calluses by Rebecca Woodhead

UPDATE - If you arrived here from the short URL, sorry, nothing to see here. Everything below is the 'first draft' madness of my first vid. The polished book trailer you seek is in the post above. The short URL for it is Thanks for your interest. Hope you like it. :)

*edit* (21st) Video removed for polishing :) Thanks for all the feedback. There have been many DMs on Twitter about this trailer. People seem split over whether they find it intriguing and want to buy my book (a satisfying number said this) or are just confused (a smaller, but still significant group.) Confusion's not the best response, so I've pulled the vid and am putting together a less confusing one. It will be less of a 'teaser' and have more of the plot in it - which worries some - but I'll try to keep spoilers out as much as possible. Not an easy task. As ever, thanks for all your feedback. Every day's a school day!

*edit* (22nd) After 10 hours work on a vid formatted to the specifications required by the criticisers of the last vid, I asked my husband's opinion on the new creation. His laughter nearly burst my eardrums. I protested that it is absolutely the kind of trailer the big publishers are putting out (it was - I got proper images and everything) and he said it was sterile and, whilst all trailers are cheesy by nature, it was cheesy in a bad way. Idiosyncratic cheese is good. Processed cheese is bad. The processed cheese has been binned. I daren't put it up here in case anyone likes it and I'm forced to keep it here. It's very polished. It's not very 'me' though. *Sigh* Back to the cheese board.

*edit* This is confusing. Going to start a new blog post and... put up the next 'first' book trailer (hopefully The One).


Big Announcement - Book on its Way!

Time to fess up.  I made a decision a few months ago - round about October or November - that I would self-publish.  It wasn't a new idea.  It was Plan A back in 2006, but I wanted to snoop around the traditional publishing world first, to see what was on offer.  The idea of my writerly self and my entrepreneurial self being let loose on the same project excited me.  As the new and shiny world of e-publishing got newer and shinier, I lusted after it even more.  When I pulled together statistics about the earnings of traditionally published writers, and the time-frame for publication, the shininess of the alternative was almost blinding, and I gave in to my guilty longing to be an indie author.  

I sent out some missives.  'Dear ***, Thank you for considering my manuscript but I am no longer seeking representation.  Yours etc...'  It was unexpected - and flattering - to be challenged on this, but I stood by my decision.  Brave or idiotic?  Too soon to say.

There are so many reasons behind this choice.  Some are general and others are personal to me.  It certainly is not the path for everyone, and there is much work to be done that I could have avoided if I chose the traditional route, but I am learning every day.  I planned to keep it to myself until the last second but then I realised I'm cheating everyone out of the journey.  The blog is From Brain to Bookshelf, after all.  Any advice on ISBNs, etc would be very gratefully received.

The first bound galley is on its way here.  Doubtless, there will be much editing to do when it arrives.  The cover is complete, but I need to see how it looks on the physical book, and I have a book vid!  Wanna see?



I Finished THIRD in the Shorty Awards for Literature!

Thanks for all the votes.  The Academy are judging them between now and 3rd March, so I could end up in a higher or lower position, but I am definitely a finalist, and by their calculations (votes+content) at the close of the voting portion of the awards, I was third.  You know when they say 'the nominees are...'? One of those will be me :)

It has been an exhausting process - less so than for the Ms Twitter contest because we went crazy on that and fewer people were involved, but exhausting none-the-less.  There have been developments through the last couple of months.  I may have a writing-related announcement to make soon.  Keep an eye on the blog.

Thanks again everyone,




Am Official Shorty Awards Finalist! Only 2 Days to Vote.

Only two days left of the Shorty Awards.  My hands have been slapped for suggesting it's enough to be in the finals.  My followers on Twitter have decided they want me to win.  If you would like to help, go to and vote for me in the literature category or just tweet 'I nominate @rebeccawoodhead for a Shorty Award in #literature because...' and put a reason.  If you click on my avatar there you will go to my personal Awards page where you can read my Shorty Awards interview.  It's pretty funny.  Hope you like it.

The best help anyone can give is to blog about it and send more voters across.  It is a huge deal that we managed to get an unpublished writer into the most prestigious awards on Twitter - and I am honoured that I am the one carrying that flag.  We convinced the Awards Academy to raise the profile of literature to an official category.  It is a great achievement.  

At the moment, I am in third place.  Any help you can give to keep me there would be much appreciated. This is a way bigger deal than Ms Twitter was, and it is helping me reach more readers.  The more readers I reach, the better chance I have of writing my way out of poverty.

PLEASE use the share button below to share this post with your networks, as time is running out.

Thanks everyone,



A Difficult Meeting

The air was tense with expectation as I walked into the office and sat down.  

'I need an extension,' I said.
'OK,'  I replied.

After much chatter, about the weather and the price of porridge, a new deadline was set.  We both agreed on it.  We also agreed it would be more fun if we kept it to ourselves.

In other news... Watch this space.  There's a reason I need an extension.  I think you'll like it...



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