Merry Christmas!!

Since I started this blog, a year and a few days ago, many things have happened.  Here's a selection:

  • Met wonderful people on Blogger
  • Hubby was laid off
  • Got very poor and ill
  • Met wonderful people on Twitter
  • Won Ms Twitter UK
  • Word Nerd Army emerged 
  • Booktrust was very kind to me
  • Stephen Fry was very kind to me
  • Lots of other people were very kind to me
  • Made friends with lots of book industry people
  • Made friends with lots of book-lovers
  • Made radio debut on BBC Oxford radio
  • Approached by magazine editors, publishers, agents etc in last month - what next?
Thanks so much to everyone for helping me through this year.  It has been extraordinary in many ways and also very hard.  Malnutrition, hypothermia and poverty are difficult things to experience but through all of it there have been so many laughs because of my online friends.  Thanks everyone.

People have asked if they can donate money. I felt that might be a bit 'give a man a fish' so I set this up instead.  If you want to help me to help myself out of poverty and into the book shops, I'd love it if you would sign this.  It is safe (Oath protected) and only takes two clicks.  Publishers have contacted me about it and they ARE watching so anything you can do to promote it will help more than you know.  Thank you.

Merry Christmas!!!  :)

Rebecca -


A Little Thanks to my friends

First Ever Podcast!

Brian (The New Author) dared me to podcast so I have. This one is for everyone who helped over the last year. It's nearly been a whole year since I started to blog!

I made this podcast at 3am so I sounds a bit croaky but I hope you'll find it useful/interesting. Let me know what you think below. :)



BBC Radio Debut!



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