The End of September Approaches...

A year ago, I set a deadline. Five days from now, I'd hoped to publish my first novel. 

Extraordinary things are happening in my life. The kinds of things that make you down tools and give up. I won't give up. My deadline may have to be a bit stretchy, and it may be hard to prioritise it, but I'll do it. This book will be out, on Kindle, well before Christmas. I may or may not be able to celebrate the launch, but the launch will happen. I've worked too hard to give up now. 


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Sad News for Writers

You know when you wake up and think 'why did I bother?' I've had a couple of those days in a row. Yesterday ended in a giant drama-fest of sobbing and tea over a teeny tiny Facebook error. Today is much worse. I'm bored with crying though, so the eyes are dry. Every cloud..., eh?

The editor of Publish Now! emailed me today to tell me that he has decided not to go ahead with the magazine. Market changes make it less financially viable.

I think it's sad for the writing community as a whole as I've had so much positive feedback about the idea of a magazine for people interested in self-publishing. Obviously, I'm now not a columnist any more and the interview slot I had in the magazine has now disappeared, so those of you I planned to interview for the magazine will not have that opportunity any more.

This is all very sudden and a bit gutting, but this kind of thing happens. Rather than cry into my porridge, I'm putting together a plan for something a bit different. I'll keep you informed. Meanwhile, chilly weather is closing in and porridge three times a day is proving uninspiring, so if you know anyone looking for a writer, I can herd words into all kinds of reasonably priced formats. Thanks. :)  

I lost 100+ (unpaid) hours, so Operation Sh*tstorm is officially back on, but now my timetable gapes open, and in the empty spaces I feel inclined to write the following words:




Is Privacy Meaningless?

The piece I wrote for The Spectator's Arts and Culture blog spoke about this. The iPhone goes even further. Apple has plans to take photos of you without your knowledge, and to spy on your heartbeat. Seriously. (Since breaking this news the original source of it has gone down. Shenanigans?) 

How much does privacy matter to you? Does it matter at all any more? More to the point, as writers, does this liberate us? The big, historical, fear about writing is surely the exposure of the self. If your iPhone and Google are already taking care of that for you, there's no longer anything to worry about. Google and Apple have your soul. 

Mind you, that Hawkings chap is trying his best to convince you that you never had one of those to begin with. I retract my earlier tweet that, since his argument against any divine force hinges on one not being 'necessary' he is also questioning the existence of kittens or iPhones. Obviously, that was a fib. One of the newest patents Steve Jobs has applied for ensures that anyone questioning the existence - or necessity - of an iPhone will be tracked down by the nearest iPhone and fried. Obviously, that is a fib. Oh, and ... since this Google owns Blogger, and YouTube, and this is a Blogger blog that contains YouTube vids ... um ... GOOGLE RULES!!!!



Want to Appear in This Glossy Magazine? (Podcast)

Not only could some of you appear in this magazine, there's SO much more exciting stuff that has happened and been arranged for you. I told you I was up to something - conspiring behind your backs to make great things happen for you - well here's the first part of that. It's AWESOME!

Listen to the podcast above for the AMAZING news about what has happened to me, and what I have negotiated for you as a consequence. I said I would find a way to pay you back for all your support, and I have. This is the biggest ever opportunity for the Word Nerd Army to show their stuff. Leave loads of comments! 

  • How much would you be comfortable to pay for an annual subscription? 
  • What about a digital version? What device do you use, what country are you from, and what do you think would be a good price?
  • What kind of content do you want? 
  • What questions do you need answered?
  • What excites you about the idea of a regular self-publishing magazine?
  • Of course, as I'll have a column in the magazine, I'll be looking for people to interview. Why should you be featured in Publish Now! ?
Leave your answers in the comments section, and please ask everyone in your own blog communities, and on Twitter and Facebook, to come here and leave their own comments. The more interest there is, and the more magazines are sold from this blog, the more likely you'll get the magazine you really want, at last.



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