Sad News for Writers

You know when you wake up and think 'why did I bother?' I've had a couple of those days in a row. Yesterday ended in a giant drama-fest of sobbing and tea over a teeny tiny Facebook error. Today is much worse. I'm bored with crying though, so the eyes are dry. Every cloud..., eh?

The editor of Publish Now! emailed me today to tell me that he has decided not to go ahead with the magazine. Market changes make it less financially viable.

I think it's sad for the writing community as a whole as I've had so much positive feedback about the idea of a magazine for people interested in self-publishing. Obviously, I'm now not a columnist any more and the interview slot I had in the magazine has now disappeared, so those of you I planned to interview for the magazine will not have that opportunity any more.

This is all very sudden and a bit gutting, but this kind of thing happens. Rather than cry into my porridge, I'm putting together a plan for something a bit different. I'll keep you informed. Meanwhile, chilly weather is closing in and porridge three times a day is proving uninspiring, so if you know anyone looking for a writer, I can herd words into all kinds of reasonably priced formats. Thanks. :)  

I lost 100+ (unpaid) hours, so Operation Sh*tstorm is officially back on, but now my timetable gapes open, and in the empty spaces I feel inclined to write the following words:


Anonymous –   – (14 September 2010 at 17:43)  

It's a huge blow for you, Rebecca and you have my sympathy. But make sure you get more eggs in more baskets. (Sorry if that's a 'suck eggs' comment).


JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor  – (14 September 2010 at 18:17)  

Sister, I'm feeling you and I know I'm not the only one. The Rebecca Woodhead Fans are here supporting you and every other one of us going through this minefield.
Jennifer Perry (Madame Perry's Salon, Memoirs Of A Misanthrope, both on blogspot.)

Rebecca Woodhead  – (14 September 2010 at 18:26)  

Doug - Thank you. That is a good bit of advice. I got straight on the phone to another magazine. If that falls through, I'll be straight on the phone to another one. It'll come right eventually. :)

JP - What a kind comment. Thank you. I love the online writing community so much. Such a supportive group of people. I really appreciate your comment.

Liz  – (14 September 2010 at 18:47)  

Any of those 100+ hours that resulted in something written weren't wasted. If the venue for which they were intended no longer exists, all rights belong to you, and you're free to do with them as you will. Even if they were actually published, there are "reprint" rights.

I concur with Doug—best not to rely on one potential revenue stream when you're freelancing. Success in that venue tends to come from making multiple connections and establishing yourself as a reliable provider of content.

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