My Author Blog is Live!

I've been busy. Since I plan to launch my book in the next few weeks (Yes. Seriously. Probably around the 21st March)  I made an author site. I've also put together a little ebook give-away too. Check out the sidebar when you get there. Hope you like it! Please leave comments. 



P.S. Both my Groupon blog and Writing Magazine column are doing REALLY well.


I Am a Columnist for Writing Magazine!

Dear wonderful blog friends,

This is such a special moment that I haven't known how or when to write it. Those of you who were with me through the hypothermia and malnutrition; the nearly-but-not-quite column disappointment; Dad's aneurysm and coma; and all the other trials and tribs will know how significant this moment is. I'm a columnist. An actual one. I get to write things in a magazine every single month this year. It is bliss.

The article I wrote for Writing Magazine went down SO well that it pretty much floored me. I hoped I'd done a passable job, but the feedback was astounding. In this month's magazine (in which I'm not featured - my column starts next issue) there was even a letter to the Editor about me! This is just beyond my dreams, somewhere in the clouds of writerly hope. I still can't quite believe it. Seeing my dear friend Brian Knight in the magazine with me was such a thrill too. Dear Brian was the first person I really connected with in the blogging community. He took me under his wing and showed me the ropes, even though he was a newbie himself. What a trooper! There we both were in a national magazine. Wow!

The best thing, though, wasn't going into WHSmith, buying the magazine, and telling the person behind the counter that I was in it - although that was pretty awesome: she was so obviously a word nerd - the best bit has been reading the tweets from people saying they've joined Twitter because of me, or reading their DMs about what has happened to them in their first weeks and how it has opened things up for them as writers. That's just fab. My next article will be about building marketing funnels: the nuts and bolts of the business side of writing. I have a couple of stupendous contributors for that article. You wait! Well, the deadline is Monday, and I still have some editing to do, so I'd better scoot. Just wanted to share this with you all and also say 'Happy Valentine's Weekend' because ... y'know ... I love you guys. *Blushes*

Oodles and oodles of love,




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