I Am Now a NOVELIST!!!

The book is filled with believable characters — some you’ll love and some you’ll love to hate — including smart women, handsome hunks, a nasty boss and a wonderful dog named Rock. Oh, and did I mention, the author drops us right into the English Cotswolds?
The quality of the work rises above that of much of today’s popular literature because of Rebecca’s writing. She has an easy style that makes you want to leap to the next page. She’s just a natural. Mary Louise Ruehr - Books Editor for the Record-Courier in Ohio.

The journey From Brain to Bookshelf is at an end. My book finally made it onto people's shelves. It is sitting on Kindles, iPads, Sony Readers, Nooks, and netbooks as I type. It has been reviewed in a very favourable way. People like my book. What a journey. Thank you for being part of it.

There will be further journeys from brain to bookshelf, but there will never be another 'first' journey. You have been such an important part of this first journey. I hope you like what I said on the acknowledgements page. Please pop across to my author site and check out Palaces & Calluses if you haven't done so yet.

I would love it if you'd spread the word on your blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, and share the part you have played in this journey. The short URL for tweets is bit.ly/palaces

Let me know if you'd like to interview me. I'd love to do a book launch blog tour around my chum's blogs.



Book Launch: 200 Downloads in 2 Hours!!!!

Hi Wonderfuls!

Just had to pop over to tell you how the book launch is going because I know many of you aren't following my new author blog yet, so you're missing all this stuff. My author blog - where I running my book launch - is RebeccaWoodhead.com so head over there when you've read this, because something amazing happened today. I put up the first chapter of my novel and got 200 downloads in 2 HOURS!!!

I've changed the password now, but I think I might let people know it tomorrow evening, so more people can bag the free chapter. I might even throw in some of Chapter 2. What do you think?  

Exciting times! Don't forget to check out Writing Magazine this month. Did you see Goldie Hawn's sister, Patti, in my last column, by the way? She's a total sweetheart, and she's written a fab book. I'm talking Facebook in my column this month, and one of the Word Nerd Knights is featured. Yep. I'm drawing attention to as many of them in as I can - of course. You knew I would! Got to spread the limelight. The Word Nerd Knights are kicking butt at the moment. Brian just got a publishing deal! Nikesh was nominated for a Costa, and Dan is now an Amazon bestseller. What in the...? Either there is some kind of pixie dust associated with being one of the knights or I ROCK at picking winners!

Subscribers should get their copies of Writing Magazine tomorrow. Everyone else can buy them from WHSmith, TESCO, etc from the 6th - which is when I plan to launch my book. 


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