Am Official Shorty Awards Finalist! Only 2 Days to Vote.

Only two days left of the Shorty Awards.  My hands have been slapped for suggesting it's enough to be in the finals.  My followers on Twitter have decided they want me to win.  If you would like to help, go to and vote for me in the literature category or just tweet 'I nominate @rebeccawoodhead for a Shorty Award in #literature because...' and put a reason.  If you click on my avatar there you will go to my personal Awards page where you can read my Shorty Awards interview.  It's pretty funny.  Hope you like it.

The best help anyone can give is to blog about it and send more voters across.  It is a huge deal that we managed to get an unpublished writer into the most prestigious awards on Twitter - and I am honoured that I am the one carrying that flag.  We convinced the Awards Academy to raise the profile of literature to an official category.  It is a great achievement.  

At the moment, I am in third place.  Any help you can give to keep me there would be much appreciated. This is a way bigger deal than Ms Twitter was, and it is helping me reach more readers.  The more readers I reach, the better chance I have of writing my way out of poverty.

PLEASE use the share button below to share this post with your networks, as time is running out.

Thanks everyone,


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