Cheeky, Chirpy and Slightly Bad

I've been a bit naughty today.

  1. I did no work
  2. I've spent most of the day exchanging cheeky banter with publishers and journalists

Can't help it. It just happened. There's a feeling that I should be in some kind of well-behaved hibernation while I await the decision of the agent but I'm rebelling. For one thing, the agent in question is lovely so I'm fairly sure - regardless of their eventual decision over my writing career - they wouldn't want me to stop living for the next 5+ weeks. For another thing,the publishers and journalists are lovely too and I like having little chats with them. They know lots about the things I love and are great chat-ologists. Why do I feel guilty?

I think there's a deeply felt concept that agents, publishers and others in positions of authority are either out to get writers or are simply unapproachable but is this true? Probably not. Authors are supposed to fall into the same category and yet today I received a very lovely email from one of my favourite authors, Joanna Trollope.

It's a contentious suggestion but maybe they're all just people too. What do you think?

Eric  – (9 June 2009 at 02:34)  

I think you should be flogged continuously with wet noodles. Okay, maybe not. Although I've seen many posts that confirm the "assumptions" concerning agents along the lines of your last paragraph, I'm sure they are not correct. Oh, and thank you very much for the link you provided me. It was very hilarious.

Angie Ledbetter  – (9 June 2009 at 16:07)  

Just addressed this question recently at my blog. Opinions overwhelmingly say agents are indeed human. :)

Rebecca Woodhead  – (9 June 2009 at 16:14)  

Angie - this is very happy news! :)

Other blog comment readers, pop across to both Angie and Eric's blogs when you've finished here as they've both covered this one in some depth of late.

Anonymous –   – (11 June 2009 at 02:14)  

Hi Rebecca - just stumbled across your blog. Good luck with your submission! I came to the realization that agents are just people when I had an exclusive submission with the first agent who ever asked for my ms. She did not represent the book, but we had a lot of contact over those three weeks, and she was really just a human being. She had a little baby, and was sleep deprived, and seemed just like every other mom I know! And yes of course, keep submitting (that's what I'm doing:)

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