Gawd Bless Us...Every One

The 'gawd bless us every one' turkey was a huge success. What it lacked in stature it made up for in taste and, thanks to the festive soup and some homebaked cheesy-nibbly-things and straight-from-the-bread-machine bread, nobody went hungry. Frosty the Fan Oven did splendid work after the electrician chap came out and declared that the previous electrician chap had connected it wrong. A couple of minutes of tinkering and Frosty was Toasty once more. Hubby escaped the grips of man-flu just in time for Christmas, the parental units were jolly and we had a festive truffle of a day.

So, with stockings packed away, my thoughts bungee back to writing. There is still no word from the agent but January is only a couple of days away now so I am excited. I promised not to approach anyone new until January so I have only a few days to wait before I can send off the manuscript to the next few on my list.

Can't wait to get back into the old writing routine. January and February are going to be great. I don't expect to emerge from my writing room at all until my first draft is buttoned up. Maybe I'll break in a new candle to celebrate. By the end of the first week, I will have waded through the tricky middle section of the novel and be scampering down the hill towards the finish. Love this bit!

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