The Fun Bit

It's official. The 'tricky middle bit' is over and I'm into the fun bit. My characters have led me away from my original plan just enough to make me take notice and now, we're scampering hand in hand towards the finish line. I love it!

Trumpet Blowing
In case you were wondering why I'm so full of myself, I've just had a perfect writing day. Three thousand words of - and please forgive the lack of modesty here - bloody genius writing have travelled smoothly from brain to keyboard. Don't worry, cynics, I am not completely loopy: I know that when it comes to editing my 'genius writing' I will find all kinds of ways to pull it apart but, for now, I'm jolly pleased with it.

Online Fridge
Novel-writing is not blog-writing. It is oodles of fun but a lot more work. Everything must be edited and given very serious thought at some point in the process. This little blog, however, contains the random drivel that is in my head when I reach the keyboard. I am not too fussed about grammar or spelling. I am not too fussed - obviously - how many sentences begin with 'I'. It is a diary of sorts - a little jotter pad of notes about the process of getting books from my brain to a bookshelf. It is an online fridge upon which the notes to myself, pinned up with magnets, are displayed to all interested parties. Nothing more sophisticated than that. Writing a novel, however, is hard work. Most of the time, it is a matter of pinning your butt to a chair and staring at a screen for a given number of hours or words a day whether you want to or not. This is why, when a day like today comes along and the words just float through you it is time for a celebratory cuppa and a long 'well done, you genius' bath.

My first rejection still has not arrived. I only pledged monogamy until January but it's a great agent so I might give them a bit longer before I go tarting my manuscript around elsewhere. Maybe I'll leave it for a couple of weeks and see how much writing I can get done in that time. Wonder if I can finish the novel by mid-January. Surely not. Maybe though... I'll give it a go.

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