The First Week

It's the end of my first week as a blogger and it's gone quite well. The blog's up. I've blogged every day. I've put up some gadgets and I've even earned myself a follower. It has been refreshing to sit down and write whatever stream-of-consciousness nonsense came to mind without worrying too much about grammar, style and what-not so I think I'll keep at it. From now on though, maybe I'll blog every week or just when really substantial things happen because that countdown gizmo is scaring the whatnot out of me and I am horribly aware that I need to get a move on with my novel if I hope to hit my deadline. The 'writers write' thing (first post) is nagging at me. If I want to be a successful novelist, I need to be disciplined about my deadlines - even if they are just B.S. self-imposed ones.

So, thanks for reading this far. Please click 'follow this blog' and I'll be back when there is something interesting to report - or in 2009 - whichever comes sooner.

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