Happy Pedamundo Everyone!

Pedamundo is a new International holiday. I've contacted the BBC to see what plans we have in Britain but, as you can see above, they are not yet aware of any. Our government is leaving things a bit late as Pedamundo begins this evening. I'm sure the appointed Prime Minister for the festive period has some plans. The rules of Pedamundo - as I define them - are:

1/Stephen Fry is Prime Minister of the UK throughout the holiday of Pedamundo, during which time he is able to alter as he sees fit any laws pertaining to cheese or yellow flowers

2/It is customary to wear one wool glove and one cotton glove - though this is not compulsory and there are many national and regional variations

3/There is to be much merriment on an international scale and a huge amount of silliness

4/The traditional gifts are the 'retweet', 'link' or 'follow'

5/You can only mention Swine Flu if you actually have Swine Flu

Have a great one :)

Bonnie  – (12 June 2009 at 20:35)  

Have a happy Pedamundo weekend!

Sandra Leigh  – (12 June 2009 at 21:37)  

Feliz Pedamundo to you, Rebecca. I'm going to opt out of the gloves, as it's a little warm for that - how about a stud in one ear and a long, dangly earring in the other?

Rebecca Woodhead  – (12 June 2009 at 21:52)  

another great tradition Sandra :)

Slightly insane update. Stephen Fry was filming QI this evening. One of the people on his team has contacted me to let me know his plans to celebrate his PM-ship this evening. He will be drinking a small sherry and going to bed early.

Obviously, he needs his energy for the gruelling day of cheese legislation he faces tomorrow. Hurrah!

The BBC have been informed. Seriously. I sent a 'newsflash.' Is it too late to deny all knowledge LOL! :D

Anonymous –   – (12 June 2009 at 22:45)  


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