Old Chum Marek Larwood Back on BBC - Check Him Out!

I know I have a largely American readership on this blog but if the 'Jools and Mimi' episode of Sex and the City taught me anything - and it taught me many things - it was that you chaps get a certain amount of our state-sponsored telly, so I'll share this nugget with you on the off chance. You can download BBC progs anyway so you'll probably be able to get this. English readership... just ignore the previous paragraph and prepare your goggle-box for mischief.

Back in the day, I attended a glorious tutorial establishment called Southampton University and one of the many things I did there was to learn how to act. The funniest chap on my drama course was a bug-eyed genius called Marek Larwood. Said genius has just messaged me the following:

We are Klang Show Imminent

As you read this blog Marek and his sketch partners are filming an excrutiatingly funny (if past form is anything to go by) TV show due to air in October. Fans of Marek and his friends will have enjoyed him and/or them in 'Rush Hour', 'The Inbetweeners', 'Laura, Ben and Him', 'Extras' etc, etc, etc... Tune in for more laughs.

I still expect to find Narnia when I open the cupboard under my stairs - hasn't happened yet. Marek's sense of humour has warped my husband's mind. Every now and then he giggles and mutters 'mind rent.' Wonder how Marek's new show will extend the vocabulary of his comedy Tourettes.

Sandra Leigh  – (26 May 2009 at 21:34)  

Oh, goody. Here in the Great White North, we get more British programming than the Americans do, so it's quite possible that we will be able to catch the show. We've been pining since Red Dwarf disappeared and The Vicar of Dibley got married.

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