Happy Towel Day, Nerd Pride Day, Star Wars Day....

Today is a day of many 'days' it seems. Memorial Day in the U.S., Cheese Rolling Day in England (it's an integral and ancient part of the election process), Nerd Pride Day, Star Wars Day (though some prefer May the 4th due to the pun... 'May the 4th be with you') and - of course - Towel Day. Happy Towel Day to all you hoopy froods.

Sandra Leigh  – (25 May 2009 at 16:33)  

I did not know that Cheese Rolling Day is a part of the electoral process. We don't do anything nearly as cool here.

Towel Day - now, there's a holiday I can throw my heart into. Happy Towel Day!

Rebecca Woodhead  – (25 May 2009 at 16:47)  


Don't hate me :) I fibbed about the electoral process. Be fun though wouldn't it? When I lived in America I spread all sorts of nonsense about how England worked. There's so much dotty eccentricity over here it's perfectly possible that anything like that is true. I didn't realise, for example, that our 'poet laureate' is paid 'a butt of sack per annum' - 110 gallons of Spanish sherry each year. That is about 630 bottles.

I'm stealing this info from 'The Independent' if you're in a googling frame of mind. 'James I started the tradition in 1616 to enhance the royal household poet's inspiration - although one suspects that such quantities are more likely to deaden, than invigorate, the muse.'

Odd eh? Anyhow, the cheese has been rolled and, from now on, that's the phrase I will use whenever a new government is elected in memory of this post. :)

Rebecca Woodhead  – (25 May 2009 at 17:01)  


Not sure who won this year but this is a good bit of background. It's NUTS! There are many injuries. A similar level of insanity occurs in these parts during the 'Severn Bore.' Basically, a tidal wave surges down the river. Are the public kept away? No - locals SURF it! I've been down and it's totally unpredicable. If you stand too close to the edge you get pulled into the river. Nobody cares though - lots of people playing 'chicken' with a tidal wave and getting soaked. Lots o' fun!

Anonymous –   – (25 May 2009 at 20:26)  

Happy...everything Day to you Rebecca!

Nerdy Gal  – (25 May 2009 at 21:05)  

Alright... I know Memorial Day and Nerd Pride Day, and also just heard of Towel Day.

But wow, Cheese Rolling Day too? Happy Holidays, I guess!! :D

Toad  – (27 May 2009 at 17:39)  

I so badly want a Don't Panic towel.

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