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To avoid confusion, I took the executive decision to edit the previous posts and put all relevant info up here as people have been contacting me saying 'help. I'm confused' and similar.
  • From Brain to Bookshelf - my personal blog, charting my journey from ideas to publication - will remain exactly what it is. I will make random notes on writing on a budget, affording hot water, eeking out rations and so on.
  • It will also be the bus station for the Blog Tour - all new Guest Blog outings will depart from here.
  • Whilst out-and-out spam-ads and plugs are a no-no, this blog is also the place to tell other writers/readers what you're up to as long as it's relevant to the discussion. Text links to your own work/blog in comments are perfectly acceptable. The atmosphere will remain as a kind of chilled out slippers-and-biscuits living room / sixth form common room depending on the demographic on the day.
  • The new blog - my 'author' blog - is my little daydreamy projection into a future in which I am a successful novelist. It is my 'official' blog for author news etc. At the moment, my 'authoryness' is limited to guest blogs and previously published things I can dredge up from my writing past. In time, I hope it will be the place where I announce the great news of my imminent book releases and Best Seller status.
  • *Bribe Alert* Early followers on the new blog have a good chance of acknowledgement in my first book, since the new blog is my showcase to potential agents and publishers that:

a/I can write and

b/ I have a potential readership.

My side of that equation is to make sure I produce decent writing. Your side, if you want to help, is to convince the people who hold the reins to the publishing world that you like what I write.

So, here it is... the formal invitation to my soon-to-be (please God) Author Site. Invite many followers. Write many comments. Earn much good publishing karma.

(The Follower thing is at the bottom on the left.)

Hope you like it.



Charlie  – (21 March 2009 at 19:24)  

We're all gonna need plugs when you're published. You're not getting away that easily.
Besides, we wouldn't follow at all if we didn't like your writing!

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