HELP!! Last Day of Shorty Awards. I am Top Non-Published Writer and Neil Gaiman Nominated Me but I Need Your Help!

What an interesting week!  Congratulations to everyone who's voted for me to this point.  Thanks to you, the Literature category in the Shorty Awards is now an official Awards-in-New-York category.  Take a bow.  Take another.  Done yet?  Jolly good.  

Well, my first goal is accomplished.  I toyed with the idea of backing off once I saw this happen, but then I noticed a development; people are switching their votes.  As I am now the top non-published writer in the awards, and people in the writing community on Twitter would like an unpublished representative in the final, they are voting for me rather than their friends further down in vote numbers.  Everyone seems fine with this.  Seems churlish not to keep going eh?  Why not?  If I won Ms Twitter UK for the Word Nerd Army, I don't see why I shouldn't try to get placed in this contest for them - and other writers - too.

The thing is... this isn't the Ms Twitter contest.  It is much harder.  I am up against actual writers with actual New York Times best selling status.  I need your help.  

This is the last day to vote and I need as many voters as possible.  PLEASE tell people today.  It goes without saying that I will give you credit for your help.  This contest has been more 'about me' than the Ms Twitter contest was, because I need to be published, but it's never 'all about me.'   Where is the fun in doing well in this if I can't get my friends involved too?  As ever, I can't do any of this on my own.  Let me know your thoughts here and on Twitter - my username is @rebeccawoodhead

PLEASE VOTE TODAY!  If you don't want to vote from their site, simply cut and paste the following - including the link at the end - replacing the '...' with your own reason, and tweet it

I nominate @rebeccawoodhead for a Shorty Award in #literature because ......

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