Did We Make the Final of the Shorty Awards?

This is the screen shot when the contest closed this morning.  All those in the first five of each category go through to the finals.  It looks as if we are all through, as are Stephen Fry and my friend Anne (of Izzibag) but it's not that simple.  Over the weekend, MC Hammer and his chums at The Academy will judge things.  Any one of us could yet be booted out.  

For a moment, let's just enjoy this screen shot.  We are all placed and - more amazingly - we are all placed higher than Britney Spears.  If that's not an indication of Twitter Power I don't know what is.

Must sleep and write but I'll be back soon.  Don't forget to sign up to my newsletter at the top, and feel free to forward it to friends.

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Rebecca xxx

Rebecca Woodhead  – (2 February 2010 at 14:56)  

To save me putting up another photo, the answer is...yes! I was chosen as a finalist by the esteemed Academy of MC Hammer and his chums. Hurrah!

As far as I was concerned, that was it. My goal was to get literature to be promoted to an official category and to get a word nerd into the finals (and, hopefully, me too.) Since I am both myself and a word nerd...mission accomplished. However, when I reiterated this aim it was met with crossness. It seems the Word Nerd Army want to go for gold. Well, it's all in their hands anyhow - I can't vote for myself - so let's see how they do. Go word nerds!

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