Now Officially Ms Twitter UK!

Finally the Tweeterwall of Fame is up and I no longer have to say 'no - I am Ms Twitter - honest.'

There has been much interest in the blog I set up to fulfil my Ms Twitter promises. I have sent in two of the articles I was asked to write. One - a guest blog - goes up on a very exciting site at the start of next week. The Word Nerd Army blog will have its first influx of new observers. I wonder what they will make of the issues and comments.

Look forward to reading all your comments. :)


Rebecca Woodhead  – (15 August 2009 at 13:45)  

they finally removed me from the Continental comp too which is a relief. Some of my followers weren't liking the "don't vote for me" message. All done and dusted now. Yay!!!

How is everyone? I missed you. Chat, chat, chat!! I've got some fun stuff planned for the blog. First thing next week the posts go up on Book Trust which is a REALLY amazing organisation. Check them out (and check out their prizes too. Try not to drool.) so people will see that and hop over here. Be on your best behaviour :)

The other thing I'm very excited about is my interview with Jamie Ford which I've had to delay putting up because of all the Ms Twitter madness. Once it's up will you spread the word? I know a lot of the people on this blog are Jamie's fans anyhow so I probably don't even need to ask.

The last thing is that I would be SO happy if you'd pick one of the issues on and blog about it. Link back to Word Nerd Army and let me know and I'll link to you so we can get a broader conversation happening about these issues.

Thanks to those of you who've already contributed. You are great friends.



Angie Ledbetter  – (15 August 2009 at 15:47)  

When time allows, wanna do a quick interview for old Gumbo Writer? :)

PS I hate word verifications. LOL

Rebecca Woodhead  – (15 August 2009 at 19:54)  

I hate word verifications too but they keep the spam down. Sometimes they're fun though when they make some ironic comment about the post - love it when that happens.

I'd love to do an interview. Email me :) xxx

Eric  – (17 August 2009 at 18:43)  

Congrats! I am so proud of you. You have just accomplished so much, and I am very happy to be one of your friends. You're too cool for words.

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed interviewing Jamie Ford. He is another one that is too cool for words. I'm a huge fan, and I can't wait for the interview. Take care.

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