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Words about me from Booktrust...

Our Twitter page has put us in contact with diverse parts of the publishing industry, from publishers to writers to book bloggers to parents and carers who benefit from our bookgifting. One of the more interesting personalities on our Twitter feed has been aspiring author Rebecca Woodhead. Author of two books and unpublished, she has been using the internet to her advantage, to build up a loyal following of visitors to her blog and writings. Then she was nominated for Ms Twitter UK, a Twitter competition pitting her against celebrities like Lily Allen and Fearne Cotton and their extensive fanbases. Mobilising her band of followers, cutely named the Word Nerd Army, and rallying publishers, agents and literary types alike (including Twitter god Stephen Fry), Rebecca won Ms Twitter UK, with the motto 'the pen is mightier than the pin-up', promising to help promote literature and reading and aspiring authors and libraries, all issues close to the heart of Booktrust. Now with a land of opportunities awaiting her following her victory, Rebecca has written two blogs for us, this week on how she came to write her novel and use the internet to help promote it and in the next blog on how she won Ms Twitter UK and what it means and how other writers can follow in her example of using the internet to pursue their dream of being published....

To read my article, click the bus at the top or click here...

Eric  – (17 August 2009 at 18:45)  

Woohooo! I'm on my way to read everything right now, Rebecca. You are well on your way, and rightly so. Congratulations.

Rebecca Woodhead  – (17 August 2009 at 19:07)  


Thank you :) You're so awesome. Will you let some other blog people know about this as I really want to be able to show support for Booktrust for being so supportive of me and of what I'm trying to do? Thanks mate :)

I still can't quite believe they asked me to write for them. The stuff they wrote about me was so kind too. There are some lovely people around. It's great that in the middle of a global recession all these amazing book lovers are online helping each other out and being wonderful.


Alissa  – (19 August 2009 at 03:24)  

Great article at Booktrust, and while it's not exactly Ms Twitter, I have nominated you for a blog award. Here's the link with all the details:

Rebecca Woodhead  – (19 August 2009 at 15:04)  

Alissa - thank you so much. I need to do a post for this and another award I won as I haven't had a chance. Can't do it yet as I've got another big Booktrust gig and then Jamie Ford's interview to put up but after that I'll do a big THANK YOU post!!

Thanks SO much :) I'll put it up and link it back to your blog xxx

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