Tony Robbins is Following Me!!

A Bizarre turn of events has occurred in my bid for the Ms Twitter UK title. A man of 898,688 followers on twitter - who was following only 204 - backed my bid and started following me!

He's a bit of a hero of mine, I've got to be honest. When I was living in America, I split up with my then boyfriend and ended up sitting in an apartment on my own watching shopping channels - an unheard of invention in England at the time. On one of these channels I saw a positive chap talk positively about something. I wasn't feeling very positive so I thought I might be able to buy some positivity off him. I phoned and gave over my card details.

A little while later a bunch of tapes arrived in a box. By this point I was feeling a bit better so I put them in the cupboard. The box came back to England with me. It travelled all over the place with me then, one day, I was on the phone with my bank in America trying to find out what had happened to a small amount of cash and whether it could be transferred into my English account. 24 hour news had just been introduced and I watched the TV as a plane flew into a tower. I had to break the news to the person on the other end that their offices in New York had been attacked. I phoned my dear friend (the chap of earlier in the story - ex and now best chum) and while I was on the phone, another plane flew over his building. The line went dead.
Fortunately, he was fine but that hour was the longest I had ever experienced. I knew I had to move somewhere else and start afresh so I handed in my notice and moved to the other side of England.

When I arrived at my new flat/apartment, I unpacked my boxes. There sat the unopened box of tapes. I was really in need of positivity. I found an old Walkman and as I unpacked and tidied my new home, I listened to Tony Robbins telling me ways to look at my life differently. He's not a 'positive-thinking' guru, but it felt pretty positive to me. By the time I'd finished the tapes I knew I had to change my life so I set up a new business, met new people, learnt new things and ultimately met my husband.

Okay, I have a wreck of a life now. I wasn't able to 'bounce back' from the death of my brother in the same way and I had a relapse of bad health but I never forgot a few of the things Robbins taught me on his tapes - and later at a seminar in which I walked over hot coals. The three main things I remembered were:

  • to 'live with an attitude of gratitude'
  • 'the past does not equal the future unless you live there'
  • 'God's delays are not God's denials'
I remembered these things because I've used them. They're all relevant to me every week. I am aware that we live at a subsistence level but I'm also grateful for the fact that we do so in a lovely rented cottage with beautiful views. If you're going to be poor you may as well do it in style!

I know that the past does not equal the future because I've got through things I felt were insurmountable.  I know that God's delays are not God's denials because ill health kept me out of university but I fought through it the first time I became really ill and was able to attend a uni that I much preferred a few years later.

Tony Robbins following me on twitter has reminded me that however grim my situation may appear, there is still hope. The chances of him choosing to follow me were... well I'm not a mathematician but I'd have to say the chances were tiny. I follow more people on twitter than he does! But... he did follow me.  If that can happen, what other improbable things can happen? Maybe I will actually get into the top 20 in this competition. It looks unlikely but it might happen. Maybe a publisher will look at my illnesses and accomplishments and instead of passing me over for someone with perfect health will think "she's bloody resourceful. We could use an author like her." Who knows? Intriguing to find out.

May 2010: Update... I won Ms Twitter UK (the contest in this post), went on to come third in the Shorty Awards, and am now the most influential non-celebrity female in the UK according to Klout.  I had interest from publishers, but chose to become an authorpreneur and my first book, Palaces and Calluses,  will be out soon.  

August 2010 Update... I'm now one of the 100 most powerful women in the world on Twitter, according to Twitter Grader. I've won numerous more awards, been published in an anthology, and commissioned by a UK publisher to write the foreword for a book they are publishing.

Sept 2010 Update... named Blogger Blog of Note

Sept 2011 Update... Palaces and Calluses is not only out, but it's on best reviewed and bestseller lists on Amazon. I'm now the most influential woman in England on Google+ and have been verified ... as a celebrity, I guess ... by Google. I'm also a columnist for my very favourite magazine, Writing Magazine, and have money coming in from various places to support my writing habit. I'm building a team of aspiring writers and teaching them how to become resilient and resourceful too. 

Sept 2012 Update... I've been named one of the top marketers to circle on Google+ by, one of the top Tech Journalists by Robert Scoble, and I spoke at this year's Swanwick Writers' School on the subject of ePublishing. My first information products: The Right to Write and The Mindset Behind the Magic - Volume I: Money Acceptance (featuring Ray Higdon) are launching this month and next month respectively. Oh ... and I interviewed Tony's son, Jairek Robbins. Stay tuned... :)

Me on a panel, with publishers and an editor, advising aspiring authors on becoming published.
Whatever you're going through ... keep going!

Eric  – (9 July 2009 at 16:26)  

Nice post. And I'm not surprised at all that he follows you, Rebecca. :)

Anonymous –   – (24 September 2009 at 09:56)  

Very thoughtfull post on Tony Robbin. It should be very much helpfull

Karim - Creating Power

D M Harrison  – (11 September 2012 at 17:11)  

what an uplifting piece - I'm sure you got through because you are you - people supported you in mystic ways - gods way of helping. best of luck in whatever you do.

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