Strong Heroes and Strong Heroines

Do You Want Them? Only Two Weeks Left to Decide

The poll - on the left under the Blog Tour Bus - expires in only 14 days time. If you secretly prefer submissive heroines or heroes, or if you are adamant that both must be equally strong now's the time to vote!

Aqueous cream and antihystamines are still my best friends but conditions are improving. My skin is even starting to look like actual skin again. No longer do I look like I survived a night in a nettle patch. Yippee!

BTW, don't forget to check out my latest guest blog while it's still on the front article page of Today's Woman. Click on the red bus on the left to go straight there. You can also leave comments under the article about how great I am. :) Once it's off the front page, I'll archive it on my new blog but pop over to where it is now as Today's Woman is an excellent place to read other writers' work and well worth a visit regardless of gender. When you've read mine, click on 'articles' to read the work of other authors.

It's doing rather well actually. There's a counter on the articles to show how many times it's been read and it's over 600 now!

Also, thanks to those of you who've put your mug shots up on my new blog. As it's essentially an archive for published work, following it will probably be more of a 'watching' than 'following' activity but thanks for the support anyway. Having said that, I have a couple of celebrity interviews I did ages ago - and the people concerned are even more famous now - that I was planning to bring back to the world and I'll probably just put them straight up on the new blog as they've already been published. Comments are permitted on the new blog. If you want to say something about the writing or layout go ahead (click website thumbnail pic below my profile on left.)

Back soon,


Rebecca Woodhead  – (2 April 2009 at 18:27)  

It's the half way point now and strong hero and strong heroine are storming away with first prize. Get your votes in!

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