All Right - You Little Word Vultures!

The comments list is getting WAY too long on the last post so I know I have to put something up and since so many of you are after new content, I can no longer get away with comment replies.

Thing is, life is a hectic kitten playing a furious game with a ball of wool. The wool is mohair, so bits of it are getting on everything - it's chaos over here! That aside; I owe you new content so, inspired by Bonnie's last comment, I'm putting up some creative work I did for a competition a little while back. Hope you like it. You're welcome to deep link to it, if it helps with content you have on your own blogs or you can cut and paste but if you do please link back to the front page here and retain the bit of info at the bottom. They don't have any hold over my copyright or anything but I think it's nice for them to be acknowledged.

Hope you like. Will put more bloggy stuff up as soon as. Not forgotten you, just totally snowed under.

Kisses xxx

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