Word Blizzard

We're in for some weather. Apparently an 'extreme weather event' is coming our way. To be more precise, an extreme weather event is coming London's way but the exact same weather hitting the Cotswolds is only defined as a 'severe' weather event. I am serious. I looked up my postcode and London on the Met Office website and the same wind speeds, snow depths etc appeared for each and yet when London is subjected to it the weather is 'extreme.' Humph. It would be easy to launch into a diatribe about how all magazines based in London assume that everyone lives in London but I am aware this would be off-topic and silly so I won't. Maybe the weather people think the folk of the Cotswolds are made of sterner, more rustic stuff than London types and they are reporting accordingly.

'There will be an amount of weather falling on both London and the Cotswolds. The amount will be the same. Cotswolders will feel the amount to be severe, whereas Londoners will feel the amount to be extreme,' is what they may be saying. Who knows?

Before I continue, I feel I should declare that I have nothing against Londoners: some of my best friends are Londoners. :) Actually, I used to live there and I love the place. Don't let any of my Cotswold friends hear that though or I will be shunned. I am writing myself into a corner. Many of the agents I hope to impress with my writing skills are based in London.

I am contemplating deleting the blog so far.....
...I am contemplating the notion that many agents have a sense of humour...
...The comments will remain.

Nearly There Now...
Back on topic now. As you can imagine, I am now in a frantic rush to hit my deadline. The characters are being charming again. A few more twists and turns have happened, thousands of words have made their way onto paper and I'm loving it. As it's only a self-imposed deadline, I know I can allow myself an extension but I don't think I will. I will be strict.

'No extension for you,' I will say. 'Call yourself a writer? Drop and give me 2,000.'

So, this is the scary bit. A year's work will end in a couple of weeks and I have to earn that unbelievable high when I tap in the last full stop. Time for a word blizzard. Can't believe I'm about to finish my second novel. I'll keep you posted.

Stay warm!


Ms Pink  – (9 February 2009 at 04:14)  

Congrats on your second novel. How exciting.

R.W.  – (19 February 2009 at 19:37)  

Thanks Ms Pink. All finished now. I'm chuffed. Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm going to check your site out now.


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