I think This Counts as an Extreme Weather Event!

A Very Specific Kind of Storm
Operation Sh*tstorm is go! Well, the weather was predicted so the foot or so of snow outside is no shocker but my husband being made redundant yesterday is. Fortunately, my 'hope for the best; prepare for the worst' philosophy has caused me to collect rice the way a Dyson collects dust. Great big sacks of it. (Dysons don't have sacks so that may not be the best analogy but the rice comes in sacks so stick with it.) In the event of twice the current snow and half the current income, the rice will see us through.

Hubby and I formulated Operation Sh*tstorm when the economic climate dipped. We anticipated panic if he ever lost his job so we put together a folder of relevant documents (benefit forms, to-do lists etc), labelled it 'Operation Sh*tstorm' and put it on a shelf. When hubby came home without a job yesterday, it was the work of seconds to locate 'Plan B.'

Our food budget for this week is a little over a pound each a day - if they can do it on Big Brother I don't see why we can't. I toyed with the idea of panic. I considered rocking backwards and forwards on the floor for a couple of days but it seems daft so, instead, we set the alarm for 7.00 this morning, hubby rewrote his CV, applied for every benefit we might be entitled to and searched the internet for jobs, while I wrote another chapter. Only another couple to go now!

In the unlikely event that everything takes an even greater turn for the worst and we end up on the streets, I'm keeping very close hold of my library card. They have computers and I have books to write.

Grant  – (9 February 2009 at 06:49)  

Sorry to hear about your husbands job loss. I have been out of work since Nov. myself over here in the U.S. Keep on writing! I'll subscribe and see how you're coming along. Grant. www.mybasementbar.blogspot.com

Grant  – (9 February 2009 at 06:52)  

There is a new add on for people to subscribe to your blog. If you add it I will subscribe as I am not familiar with the one you have on currently. Peace, Grant

Anonymous –   – (9 February 2009 at 14:20)  

The good thing is that you had a plan ready. Your plan also had a very fitting title. Hopefully things have improved. I like your blog and would like to invite you to mine.


R.W.  – (9 February 2009 at 15:23)  

Thanks so much for the feedback. Welcome to the blog.

Grant, I think you just click on 'posts' or 'comments' on the left or 'subscribe by email' below the 'post a comment' box and it lets you know when the site is updated.

onwardandupward  – (16 January 2011 at 05:25)  

Hi Rebecca,

It's like Joe Schroeder says have a plan B, plan C, plan D, plan E etc.....lol

Peter Horrill

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