The Smiley Face of Publication - Update

This is what I raised. Thanks guys. 

Thanks so much to everyone who took part in my funding project over the last couple of weeks. It wasn't quite enough to get me to my target - but I'm very near it now. If you didn't help, but would like to, go along to - every penny helps get me closer to publication.

As I didn't quite reach my target, it throws off my timing again. I may also have to reconsider what I had planned to offer. My first run of books will need to fund any further publication, so I may just release an e-book to Kindle first time around. That way, I can monitor demand for other formats and launch those that make the most sense. It seems the most intelligent approach. I may even release only on Kindle, but run competitions where I release only 5 or 10 in another format. There's stacks of different ways to approach it. The better funded I am, the more options I have. The first book is where all the set up fees go. Once this book is out in the world, it's plain sailing for books two, three and four.


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