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It is still possible that my novel could be out by the deadline I set myself last year - the end of September. It would be great to launch the book on 18th September but funds are still a little too low to go ahead. As many of you know, doctors discovered my father had an aneurysm a couple of months back and that has thrown many of my plans out of the window but I am a writer, and I've been told - often - that writers write. They also publish on occasion. Dad has made it clear that I'm not allowed to shelve my dreams of publication just because of a bit of medical drama so I won't. Somehow, I'll get this book out this year. It would be amazing if I could do that by the end of next month.

While I scurry around looking for things I might be able to sell to make up the rest of the budget, it would be great to get a little Beta Team of word nerds together to read my book on different devices. With the budget being as tight as it is, I may be forced to abandon the idea of a physical book for now (cost of buying and sending ISBN'd copies to all the relevant libraries is just too much) and focus on ebooks. If that goes well, it will fund the physical book launch. Seems like a sound business decision.

So - what's your device? I plan to focus on Kindle as the Kindle App can be used on iPad, iPhone etc too, but I also want to release a Sony Reader version. I have no plans for DRM, and it may be possible for me to release on all kinds of devices, but the Amazon contract could make things a litttle tricky so I'll only promise Kindle for now, then anything else will be a bonus. In any case, let me know your device. To improve your chances of being picked to receive a free book you need to be:
  • a fast reader
  • a book junkie
  • prepared to keep your mouth shut about the plot until the book is launched
  • respectful of my copyright
  • a reader of e-books
  • prepared to send me an email of your thoughts on the book
  • interested in reading English English (I would love it if most of my books were bought by Americans, but I want them to be read in the English of England rather than American English. I've noticed so many publishers produce American versions of English books, and I think that cheats Americans out of a great experience. I love reading books from America in American English, and I hope I can tempt Americans to read some modern books from England written in English English - the term 'British English' is misleading by the way. It annoys Scottish people. I don't like to annoy Scottish people.) 
Leave your details below, or contact me through the contact form. Here's the book trailer:

Good luck!

If you want to help raise funds so I can release the book by the deadline, that would be very kind. Don't give more than you can afford. It all adds up:

Thanks for helping to prove that the pen is mightier than the pin-up.


Dawn Kurtagich  – (23 August 2010 at 15:40)  

Hey Rebecca,

I hope you can make your September date! I don't own an e-reader, but I wish you the best with it all!



Anonymous –   – (24 August 2010 at 06:10)  

Hey Rebecca,

I'm getting a kindle. I want it already, hate having to wait. I haven't felt like this since being a kid waiting for Christmas. Hated it then, hate it now. Fully expecting to love my kindle. Won't want to touch an old-style book ever again! Good luck with publication.


Paul  – (24 August 2010 at 20:37)  

Hey Rebecca,

I have the Kindle app on my Android phone - think it makes reading so much more accessible than a physical book.

When you say a fast reader, how quick do you want me to read the book in? Want to make sure I fit the profile :-)

Paul (@baldypaul on twitter)

Anonymous –   – (1 September 2010 at 17:19)  

Hello, is it too late to apply? My brother has a cooler reader that I could nab for a few days, i'd love to send you an email on my thoughts and definitely on the silence. I literally have nobody to tell anyway, nobody that would be interested but even if I did, my lips would be sealed!!
It's Maura by the way and I'm still keeping up to date with everything and excited how it's all going on for you!!

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