Amazon Drops Price of Kindle

A great day for word nerds. Amazon has slashed the price of the Kindle. I can't help but wonder if they decided to take Seth Godin's advice. With the iPad invasion, have they gone far enough?

My view is that tech experts are jumpy. They want the next, shiny, thing. Whatever comes up next, they turn their backs on the last thing and big up the new one. Readers are not all tech experts, however. Kindle owners buy LOTS of books. Amazon has been clever about making Kindle accessible on different devices. Even though Kindle books are fenced in with DRM, there is a Kindle app that lets you read them on iPad, for instance. Some people want computers. Some people want the experience of the iPad. Some people want a dedicated reading device. Some people want all of these things. I think Kindle is here to stay, and the price drop is a really good move from Amazon.

What do you think?

KINDLE - wish I'd had one of these as a student. Would have saved many trips to chiropractor. Have you got yours yet, US chums?

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Stephanie  – (24 June 2010 at 20:35)  

I think it's a brilliant move! And as an epublished author, I am stoked about it!

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