Broken Britain?

I can't bear the thought of this country wandering blind into another term of being run by corrupt politicians who've lied to us, gone against our wishes, and broken the law when the guys in the picture above have integrity and are ready for government.  So many people, for so many years (look at the John Cleese vid further down) have said time and again that they would vote for them if only they thought they would get in.  This time (and maybe this is the only chance) they CAN get in, but only if you vote for them.  If you do, our voting system will change and we will never again have the same, unrepresentative and unthinking style of government that has caused us such pain.  

In our system, more people voted AGAINST the last government getting into power than voted FOR them getting into power.  They were not representative of the majority.  That's not democratic.  If the Liberal Democrats only get in once, and change the voting system, that will be the most metamorphic change to our system since the English Revolution.  Yes.  We had one.  We are a revolutionary country.  Don't convince yourself that we are not. There was an English Republic.  The idea of us as a group of staid non-thinking sheep is a bit of nonsense put about to stop us thinking.  Don't believe it.  We can change our country.  Don't believe that we cannot.

Once in a lifetime
A metamorphic moment
Gives our freedom back.
Rebecca Woodhead

Britain is broken, in the same way that a butterfly is a broken caterpillar.  The clock is ticking.  We're breaking out of the cocoon.  It's time to fly.

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