John Cleese Explains Proportional Representation

Old vid that explains why the Liberal Democrats have never been able to get in.  This is an interesting video regardless of your political views. I didn't realise John Cleese was Lib Dem.  Did you?  Stephen Fry has announced he's tempted to vote Lib Dem too. 

I made it clear over the last few months that I was an undecided voter, but this issue is too great for me to ignore.  Our system is undemocratic.  I was shocked back in the early 90s when I first realised how undemocratic.  This wasn't a good enough reason to convince me to vote Lib Dem, however, so I took the following test.  I went to and answered the multiple choice questions. They are taken from the manifestos of the parties, but you answer them blind.  This means you vote on policies rather than hype or party loyalty.

I was shocked at how many of the policies I agreed with turned out to be Liberal Democrat policies.  I took the test before Clegg's big TV moment, and have tried to keep an open mind since then, but I have a problem with that for a number of reasons:

  1. I have believed for two decades that votes should all be equal.  We need proportional representation.
  2. Having taken the blind test, I discovered I agree with the Liberal Democrats on a large number of issues.
  3. Having watched Nick Clegg on various interviews, and the debates, I think he would make a good leader.
I reserve the right to change my decision at any time.  I am not into party politics, and would never back someone purely on the basis of party, but I'm pretty sure they have my vote.  What are your thoughts?  Did you take the test and get an unexpected result too?  Are you excited by the lack of apathy this time round, or worried by the potential for change?

As I've said on Twitter, I don't choose my friends based on political party - so you're welcome to disagree with my views - but watch the vid anyhow.  John Cleese always makes me grin. :)

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