Thank You - Why My Followers Rock

The Academy Agreed 

The Shorty Awards are over, and The Academy agreed with your votes.  I finished third!  

There were 250,000 competitors.  Only 78 made it into the top 3.

This is a huge accomplishment.  How amazing are my followers that they could vote me into the final with legends like Neil Gaiman, and ahead of JK Rowling?  Pretty bloody amazing!  There is no way on earth I could have done this without you.  Not a chance.  

It needs to be put into perspective - because you need to realise how much you should be patting yourselves on the back for this.  Look at the stats above.  Can you believe you did that?  What an amazing group of people.  I'm not even a published author!  Not even Britney Spears made it into the top three.      

These are the most prestigious awards for micro-blogging and I feel very honoured to be placed.  There was a big awards ceremony in New York (footage two posts down) and huge brands were fighting to be finalists, as the page detailing finalists remains up all year.  It is good marketing.  This was not an easy contest.  Wall Street Journal live tweeted it from the ceremony for goodness sake!  

Please accept my thanks for all you did.  I may not have the greatest number of followers but I believe they are some of the most determined and supportive there are and, yet again, you have proved me right.  Don't know how I got so lucky.  

Eric  – (8 March 2010 at 16:38)  

Congratulations Rebecca! That is awesome. Here's hoping that all this buzz gets you tons of attention and publication deals. I hope you're doing a happy dance about now :)

Rebecca Woodhead  – (10 March 2010 at 13:15)  

Oh Eric. I really hope it doesn't! That would really defeat the purpose. I want to publish my own work. I can't handle the 18 month... tell you what, read my earlier posts on here and look at the '10 easy steps...' vid and you'll get what I'm up to. Very much DO NOT want publishing to be done to me. Hope that you get a deal soon though as I am aware you sit on the opposite side of the fence. Best of luck. :)

Rebecca Woodhead  – (10 March 2010 at 13:16)  

Oh - and thanks. Am doing happy dance. :) Let me know the minute you get a book deal and I'll tweet it up for you.

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