Save Me From Myself! The Twitter Bird is Distracting me with its Tiny Blue Feathers!

My name is Rebecca Woodhead and I'm a Twitterholic.

I thought I could handle it. They say Blogger is a gateway drug that leads inevitably to Twitter but I thought 'no way, I can handle it Dude. I can handle a few puffs of blogger. I'd never shoot up Twitter...'

It's an old story. The instantly addictive Twitter has found its way into my veins. Help. I am writing utter drivel. The evidence is right here (recent twittering garbage is in the left column.) Poor Alan Davies. He doesn't need to tell me about his tricky middles. What was I thinking?

Do me a favour. If you see me leave more than three tweets a day, pop across and tell me to get back to my editing. You don't have to follow me on twitter to do that (though you can if you want) and I will be very grateful. Addiction is bad. I must nip this in the bud.


Mukund  – (16 May 2009 at 21:15)  

Haha... Ya twitter seems to be addictive or thats what people tell me... I just started using it so don't know much about it... By the way I will follow you... :)

London Belle  – (16 May 2009 at 21:24)  

I don't get Twitter - I suck at it : ( probably cos I don't get it. I have to force myself to do it!!!

Sandra Leigh  – (16 May 2009 at 21:35)  

Oh, great. I already follow you here on Blogger, though I see I hadn't told you so until just now, and NOW I'm following you on Twitter, 'cause you're just too funny.

Rebecca Woodhead  – (16 May 2009 at 21:59)  

Aw shucks Sandra... Thanks you lot. I knew I could rely on you to keep an eye on me. Great news by the way - I've got 50 followers now! How many do you think I need for an agent to think I'm worthy?

Ta muchly All, you're fab.

R x

Rebecca Woodhead  – (16 May 2009 at 23:36)  

Crikey O'Reilley, I just did it again. Aargh! Every time I'm about to close my computer I think 'I'll just check before I go' and someone else is following so of course I have to log back in to see who it is...

Grrr. Still... 16 followers in only a few hours. Not bad.

No more twitter. I'm going to bed now. I wouldn't be surprised if instead of counting sheep I end up counting bloody bluebirds!

Rebecca Woodhead  – (18 May 2009 at 12:30)  

Well, 3 seems a bit harsh. Maybe 3 groups of tweets.... you know... so I can tweet 3 times a day. Like birds do... Dawn chorus, lunch chorus and evening chorus. Birds don't do that do they? I'm deluding myself and I've got less than two weeks to prep my manuscript.

This is my new plan for effective time usage over the next two weeks: three groups of tweets a day + much worthy prepare-to-submit writerly-ness + post two new guest blogs + finish reading Jamie's awesome novel.

Hold me to it. Pleeaase. :)

Bonnie  – (18 May 2009 at 15:08)  

Good luck :) I'll be happy to help!

Rebecca Woodhead  – (18 May 2009 at 16:19)  

Down to 5 twittering chunklets today. Might go back on this evening once. Need to halve that. In my defence, I am now being followed by a number of people from the publishing industry - so it's kind of work - and *drumroll* my fave celeb in the world.... STEPHEN FRY!!!

I'm so happy I could retire.

Anonymous –   – (18 May 2009 at 19:45)  

OK...I think we need an intervention here people. Rebecca, just say no too the cute little blue bird. Oh well, I tried...I'm on there to so I can't say much.

Amy  – (19 May 2009 at 08:34)  

Hi Rebecca,

I have to agree about the addictive nature of Twitter! I mean, who needs cigarettes and alcohol? Great to see you on there and thanks for following.

&... xxx (Amy)

Rebecca Woodhead  – (19 May 2009 at 08:48)  

Hi Amy

Thanks for popping across and for following. Lovely to see you. Twitter's my only addiction... well... that and Green and Black's milk chocolate.

Of course, Twitter and blogging are strictly work-related. All about marketing. Terribly earnest roll-up-yer-sleeves slog :) It's so great when what you want to do and what you have to do are the same thing isn't it? Writing's the same - I'm sure most of my followers on here would agree - I tap away at my 'work' wondering how on earth it could be called such a word when it's so much fun. Except the tricky middle bit. I hate the tricky middle bit like I hate tinned beetroot.

I'm very lucky that this lot won't let me stay away from novel-writing for longer than five minutes. There's a countdown clock at the top and they're all emailing and messaging me about the tiny number of days until I need to start sending out submissions.

Just a couple of tweets then back to the editing grindstone.

R x

Angie Ledbetter  – (19 May 2009 at 11:43)  

Exactly why I'm afraid to open the door to that little bluebird!

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