Final Furlong

3 Hours and 41 Minutes until my self imposed deadline, so this is a v quick post to bring you into my world at a pretty crucial moment.

If I had any sense, I'd give myself until last post tomorrow to finish these submissions. When I set up this deadline, however, I obviously felt that would be an indulgence so I've got to finish everything before I get to bed tonight.

Editing is horrid and impossible and editors should be paid twice as much as they are. I am currently editing from my two favourite edits - side by side on a rocking chair - one's annotated in blue and the other in red. I'm ticking the changes from the blue one in red and the changes from the red one in blue.

I honestly thought I couldn't edit any more than I already had, so I handed the latest version to Mr W to read and he pulled out two errors I hadn't even seen. I knew how the words sounded in my head and I'd read them that way even though the words weren't even there. Aargh!

Right. No more chat from me. Back to work. Hope agents realise I'm happy to edit again if I've screwed up in any way. Well... 'happy' might be pushing it. :) Let's say I'm happy to be advised and willing to take whatever steps I can to make my work wonderfully publishable.

Fingers crossed.....

Charlie  – (31 May 2009 at 21:51)  

It's great that you have fresh eyes with Mr. W.
I always seem to miss a lot of errors.

Anonymous –   – (4 June 2009 at 15:04)  

i was thinking of doing my own editing seeing as i was a literature student for 3 years, now i am not so sure. Its great to see yet another writer on blogger!! i look forward to catching up on your posts

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