Time to Mourn the Phrase 'Squeeze your Guts into these Bad Jeans with a Stick?'

Reading University Predicts Death of Words
Researchers at the University of Reading have predicted that the words 'stick', 'bad', 'squeeze', and 'guts' have a limited shelf-life. They're on their way to extinction. They will soon be ex-words.

Your mission de jour is to use these words wherever possible, whether appropriate or not, and report back here on any injuries sustained as a consequence!

If you could only save one of them, which would it be?

Click on 'comments' and let me know.

Right - time to go and finish writing my guest blog. It goes up tomorrow! Come back then and I'll put up a link.


slim  – (4 March 2009 at 23:47)  

Congratulations on finishing novel #2, you former Wollastonite, you. Good luck with the publishing. I'm glad you find my blog.

To answer your query: I would fight to keep "guts". You've got to have guts in today's world! There's no substitute for guts. My brother will be sad not to be able to play "stick" ball. I guess I won't mind losing some neighborhood "bad" boys . . . but not to have fresh "squeezed" lemonade . . . and a kiss without a squeeze? Not tolerable.

Rebecca Woodhead  – (5 March 2009 at 11:02)  

*Chortle* Thanks for the message and the support. Does the rancid smell of skunks still hit you on the T from N Quincy to Boston? Are there still millions of spiders in the roof of the station? Happy memories... The thing I most remember is not having a car and carrying all our weekly groceries from the supermarket on the main road into Wollaston. Did I get blisters? Yep. Was I swearing after walking the miles up to our non-air conditioned apartment in a loft in the BOILING heat? Just a little. Loved it there though :) Can't watch Good Will Hunting or Ally McBeal without getting a little homesick.

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