Happy Birthday Me!

Prepare for Exclamation Marks
It's my birthday tomorrow so I'm breaking all the rules. I'm not even spelling out numbers so prepare yourselves! Tomorrow, I will be 36. 36 is my magical age. When I was a nipper, I conducted a little research. Every time I met a happy grown up, I asked how old they were. Nearly every one of them was 36. This little bit of research has enabled me to sidestep all the nonsense about your best years being behind you when you hit 25. I have been looking forward to this birthday since I was 3. Hurrah for 36! I'm getting published this year! Snaps for me!

Of course, there's no cash for pressies but fortunately Hubby bought my birthday present in the summer, when his redundancy was no more than a glint in an administrator's eye, so I'll have something to unwrap on the day and the gift of redundancy means I'll be spending my big day with the man of my dreams. Can't wait!



Karolina  – (25 February 2009 at 17:18)  

Hi there Becca:
As I mentioned on the blogger talk I do know a person in the publishing company. Go onto my blog an send me an email with your info. I sure could try for her to give you a hand.

Rebecca Woodhead  – (25 February 2009 at 18:30)  

Hi Karolina

Wow, they're huge! I'd love to speak to a publisher like that and I'm definitely interested in marketing to the American and International readership they could give me access to but - and I hate to say this - I don't think they're interested in my genre.

They seem to be focused on legal, academic and medical. I may do some academic writing later in my career but at the moment I'm focused on writing contemporary women's fiction that a more literary reader wouldn't be embarassed to be seen reading on the train.

If they're interested in this kind of writing - and I just missed it - please correct me and I'll get my manuscript in the post. Otherwise, thanks so much for your offer of help and you have my admiration for the work you do. I studied a bit of law in the dim and distant past and it was tricky. The one bit I remember is Ex turpi causa non oritor actio (you can't sue on an illegal contract) because the case where it came up was so funny. The details are a bit fuzzy but it was something like a couple of thieves trying to sue their get-away driver for failing to show up in time. The case played through; because of 'Ex turpi' they failed, and then were promptly arrested for being thieves. Too funny!

Thanks again,


Eric  – (25 February 2009 at 19:39)  

Congrats on your birthday. Since 36 was two years ago for me, I'm not sure if I can say it was the best time of my life or not. This past year has been especially hard, but I'm beginning to possibly see some light at the end of this truly dark tunnel, so I can only hope that maybe my 38th year will be exceptional. In any event, celebrate yours and enjoy.


Ching Ya  – (27 February 2009 at 02:27)  

Today is 26th, so I guess... Happy Birthday! ^^
So make a wish! May the publishing dream comes true very very soon. Hope nothing more than a big success for you.

Persistence + patience = you'll get somewhere.

Rebecca Woodhead  – (27 February 2009 at 18:50)  

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. :)


kayachi  – (28 February 2009 at 18:53)  

Great blog and a belated Happy Birthday. I am sure that you will find a publisher SOON, so keep doing what you're doing!

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