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Writer's Block
Only 26 days to go and I've got writer's block. I don't believe in writer's block so I'm particularly miffed by this. Actually, I'm not going to call it writer's block; I'm going to call it 'writer's blur' - that's how much I don't believe in it!

Writer's Blur
Right, so I've got writer's blur and it's a pain in the rear. It's not a block as such, it's more of a continuing disagreement between my characters and myself. I thought, once I'd got through the tricky middle bit, they'd play ball all the way to the end but they are not. I know exactly where I want them to go but they're not going there. Every time I try to take them where I want, their dialogue becomes totally unbelievable. It's a real pain but I'm going to have to delete stacks of work and just follow the characters again. However great the plot is, if the characters wouldn't do those things then I've got to scrap the plot. It's a little annoying that I have only 26 days to embark upon this Wild Character Chase but so be it. Here begins the Tragical Misery Tour of deleting weeks worth of work, abandoning my plot and handing my book back to the characters.

Wish me luck.

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